Different Prices Between Different Pet Doors

Price Differences

There are many differences in the quality of panels, so there comes a difference in price. Here are the main points that determine price:

Height:  Almost every height range causes the price to vary, especially if your slider is not “standard” height according to a manufacturer. Custom height options will also cause a price hike.

Glass Type: This can refer to whether you purchase a panel with dual or single pane glass. You can purchase a glass type to match your existing sliding door. The difference in the two panes can impact your insulation value.

Electronic Panels: There are not panels that can read microchips for large pets, but cats and small dogs can use a SureFlap in a panel. Electronic panels for larger dogs require each pet to wear a collar key. The flaps of these High Tech pet doors are not manual, instead, they will automatically open upon reading a collar key signal.

Flap Size & Flap Type: Every flap is designed for specific purposes. Some flaps are designed to resist weather better than others, which can mean an increase in price.

There are many great benefits to a sliding glass insert. With little to no tools required, these items are great for renters or for vacation homes! No modifications are necessary, just careful measurements. As with any pet door, please take note of step over options available. Most panel inserts will not have adjustable step overs, except the Thermo Panel 3e. For other models, you can look into getting a custom step over to help your pets access their door comfortably.

In the Glass Pet Doors

Alternately, we can have a new piece of glass manufactured to fit your sliding patio dimensions. You can have an Endura Flap pet door pre-installed at the bottom of a piece of glass that will replace your current glass. These are the Custom In the Glass options.

Using a pet door that is installed in your glass allows you to use your sliding glass door’s normal locking system. It also lets you use the full width of your sliding glass door when you come and go! Check with a this site expert for more information!

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