Find your the patio panel pet door

A patio panel insert allows you to keep from drilling into your home’s walls or doors. A great solution for renters, you will never have to get up to let your pet outside. These inserts allow you to use your slider normally. Once installed, you the insert attaches to your frame, leaving room for you to walk through. Your insert will take up some walking space, be sure to check the size chart to check panel width. This is helpful so you can gauge whether it is going to take just enough space or not. Lastly, most inserts cannot mate with your existing slider lock, so additional mechanisms will come with purchase.

Below are the most important things to consider about patio panels. We have gathered information from the most common questions and talked to pet door experts.

Take Necessary Measurements

You will need to measure your pet and track height. We have a guide to on how to properly measure your pet. We recommend checking their height from feet to shoulder. It is not advised to go by weight or breed, since a beagle and poodle can be the same weight and different sizes. Our pet door experts suggest the top of the flap be at least an inch above your pet’s shoulder. This height includes the step-over, which is how high the bottom of the pet door is raised from the ground..

For almost all patio inserts, you will need to measure the track height from top to bottom. This is the space your slider slides on. Top to bottom refers to the deepest parts on the top, to the deepest parts on the bottom.

This is great in the event you mis-measured. It does happen. A common occurrence is your measurement being very close to (or even a little below) the bottom of the adjustment range of the pet door you need. This may raise an issue because the insert needs to be a little shorter to get up and over the bottom rail. If it’s already close to it’s shortest adjustment range, it may not be able to get short enough to actually install.  The opposite problem is when your measurement is at or a little above the top of the adjustment range. We recommend a discussion with our customer service department in both these cases.

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