Ways to Keep Your Cat from Escaping Outside This Summer

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1. Home Environment
When cats are busy and entertained, they’re less likely to seek adventure elsewhere. Offering a variety of brain-stimulating activities and toys makes this easier. There are a host of treat puzzles and interactive toys on the market. Read reviews and take your cat’s play habits into consideration before making a purchase.
2. Teach your cat to come when called
It’s true – cats can learn tricks and commands, especially if (surprise!) treats are involved. Consistently teaching your kitty to come when you call his name – and then rewarding him with a treat – makes life a whole lot easier when you’re attempting an exit without a cat on your heels. While kitty is busy gobbling his treats, slip through the door, all sneaky-like.
3. Cat Attention At The Door
If you show your cat oodles of attention as you enter and exit your home, he’ll associate your home’s entryway with attention. This association keeps kitty focusing on that location when you’re coming or going. Needless to say, the likelihood of escaping escalates when this happens. It’s best to greet your cat in an area away from the door. Cats are smart and will catch on!
4. Gestures spot away from the door
Create a space away from the doorway that becomes the special hello/goodbye location for you and your cat. Maybe it’s on a ledge of a cat tree or in another room altogether. Offer a treat when kitty meets you at the spot. Once again, make your great escape during treat-nomming.
5. Post a note by the door to warn visitors
If you’re expecting company, place a warning note so your friends and family keep potentially fleeing felines in mind when arriving or exiting through a door to the outside.

6. Close your cat in a door when join together
Whether you’re welcoming guests for summer entertaining or you’ve got repair or delivery professionals stopping by, “stranger danger” (plus loud noises and chaos!) freaks cats out. Nip the stressful situation in the bud and place your cat behind closed doors with food, water, a litter box and toys to keep him comfortable and entertained. As another precautionary measure, post a note on the outside of the door reminding everyone there’s a kitty in the room.
7. Make sure windows have sturdy screens
If you open your windows during warm weather, make sure the screens are tightly secured so kitty doesn’t swat at a fly and take a fall from the window.
Even after taking detailed precautions, it’s possible that kitty may still find himself outdoors. It’s not a pleasant thought, but here’s how to make sure your cat is as safe as possible should he make the great escape:
• Make sure your cat is micro-chipped and wearing a collar and tag.
• Keep your cat’s shots up-to-date.
• Make sure your kitties are spayed or neutered.
Summer is full of fun and relaxation, which is exponentially enhanced when we know our indoor kitties are safe and sound.

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